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Advanced Healing

Chakra Healing & Balancing: $195 for a 90 minute session

From the Sanskrit word for wheel, we identify seven main energy centers in our body called chakras.  When the energy between chakras is out of balance, we suffer physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Everyone experiences a lack of balance at some point; you may create an imbalance by traveling, even to a place like Sedona, so taking the time to rebalance now could bring enhanced health in any area of your life that seems a bit off. Healing a chakra disparity can awaken your innate abilities to solve problems and make progress in places you’ve been feeling stuck.  You will feel an opening of energy, greater inner peace and a deep sense of trust and relaxation.  Our most requested healing session!

Individualized, Guided, Self-Healing: $195 for a 90 minute session

For those who desire a deeper dive in the Tao Self-Healing Experience, this 90 minute session can both quiet your mind and increase your vitality. A Tao Healer will assess the health of your inner organs and overall physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. As you move into the core of your treatment, you’ll practice healing and breathing techniques designed to improve your body and mind. After your session, you’ll carry a customized set of self-healing tools back into your life that will serve you long after you’ve departed from Sedona Mago Retreat.

Personal, Spiritual Healing: $380 for a 2 hour session

If you feel a desire to utilize our practitioners’ training and gifts in spiritual guidance, this session combines the Chakra Healing & Balancing with additional time for more in-depth spiritual work.

Those who take advantage of this opportunity report positive shifts and increased peace and clarity in all aspects of their lives.

Bowing Meditation: 90 minutes, $150 individual, $180 for 2, $75 per person for 3 or more

As taught by our Tao practitioners, Bowing Meditation helps to strengthen the body, improve energy circulation and quiet the participants’ mind. It is a truly humbling and spiritual experience.

Your guide will reveal the history and principles of bowing so you may practice and integrate it into your life.

Everyday Enlightenment ‘Discover Your Infinite Nature’: 120 minutes, $250 individual, $380 2 people, $150 per person for 3 or more in one session

Based on our founder Ilchi Lee’s best-selling book, Living Tao, Principles for Everyday Enlightenment, our advanced Chun-Gahng instructor, Marie Seong, will guide you onto a path of spiritual growth and a more passionate life. Working with Tao, the ultimate wholeness that connects all, you’ll awaken and reinforce your divine nature. You’ll clarify and experience ways to focus on your spiritual growth in this life and beyond. You’ll also receive instruction on Tao ceremonies and how to incorporate them into your life producing a lasting change. And, you’ll leave with a personal copy of the book to help integrate your insights into your daily habits with intellectual, energetic and behavioral activities.

Call us today to reserve your spot by calling the Welcome Center: 928.204.3391

Advanced Healing
Advanced Healing