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Begin Again

‘For Grief and a Broken Heart’

Begin Again by releasing the stronghold that grief and pain have on you. This journey is for those whose heartache is fresh and for those who have been walking down the grief-stricken path for a while.

Life and loss go together. Throughout our lives, we will most likely experience the loss of our parents, the loss of a beloved spouse, the loss of our health, the loss of our independence, and more. No matter what type of loss you have had, it can leave a hole in your heart as grief and pain shatter the life you previously knew. When your heart is broken, moving forward with optimism, hope and happiness seems impossible. You may find yourself looking back on your life with longing or regret while dreading a future that is sure to bring you more loss, grief, sorrow and pain.

Heartache is real and affects us both emotionally and physically. Cardiologists have identified ‘broken heart syndrome,’ a medical condition in which intense physical and emotional stress causes rapid and severe heart muscle weakness. Your instructor, Chun Shim, is not immune from heartache.  She remembers the night in 1998, when she got a call from the other side of the earth and heard that her father had just passed away. “He was my first teacher and champion for my life. I was in the US and he was in Korea. ‘I lost him’ ….and my first unassailable physical reaction was cascading tears.”

‘Together, we can find The Way’

We are not here to tell you to ‘get over it’ or that ‘it’s time to move on’. However, we do want you to know that each of us has the ability to love and heal ourselves – not as an abstract concept but as a concrete experience.

You can free yourself of anguish as you open the path of your light and discover your soul, which is a portion of the Cosmic Self. The soul cannot be unhappy in the human sense of the term. It sees from a broader perspective and will guide you toward hope, happiness and strength.

Begin Again will help you move forward toward healing from wherever you are. You will spend time breathing in the fresh high desert air and experience oneness with nature.  Expect authentic group interaction, and a sustainable action plan for grief and broken heart recovery using simple yet powerful tools.

Begin Again as you bravely step forward to create your new life with the perspective of your soul’s eyes, a more expansive mind and new-found energy.  Let Sedona Mago Retreat be the birthplace of your new life.

‘Like a phoenix, you will rise from the ashes of despair and soar’

Meet Your Guide: Chun Shim

Finding True Self Spiritual Healing instructor Chun Shim

As the regional coordinator for Sedona Mago Retreat, and the manager of the Tao Healing Center in Chandler, Arizona, Chun Shim has been offering spiritual guidance to groups and individuals alike for over two decades. Chun Shim is a master healer, a teacher, and a holistic life consultant, and she’s dedicated her life to showing others how to connect with and heal their physical,  spiritual and energy bodies. Throughout this retreat, you’ll have the chance to learn from and practice with this world leader in spiritual healing and personal growth. It’s Chun Shim’s hope that, after experiencing this retreat, your human journey will be infinitely enhanced as it touches everything and everyone around you – from the hearts of your loved ones, to the planet we call home.

‘A weekend retreat can change your life forever. Join us, the first step to begin healing your broken heart is just a breath away.’

Day 1

Arrive a little early and walk around the gorgeous healing lake, garden, and vortex sites. After enjoying a healthy lunch in our dining hall, you’ll have time to clarify your goals. Learn how to relax and circulate energy throughout your body for clarity and body awareness. The energy body system and map of consciousness will be introduced.

Day 2
After a healthy breakfast, allow yourself to become inspired during a mindful walking meditation. Surrounded by the powerful vortex energy and the heavenly beauty of the red rocks, experience oneness with nature. On a cellular level, you’ll release deeply embedded layers that are blocking your energy system. This will help you to heal your wounds, release your grief and discover the power of your brilliant essence.

After lunch, revel in a healing experience that includes guided relaxation. Open the path of your light and learn to heal yourself by experiencing life from your soul’s perspective. Become familiar with your beautiful essence–the true master of your life. Allow its creative power to guide you toward the new life that you want to live. After dinner, stimulate your creativity, building your inner strength and happiness.

Day 3
The sunrise meditation takes place at a powerful vortex site. It is an amazing and unforgettable experience which will expand and brighten your internal rainbow. Visit various vortexes, experience the Earth’s life force and your connection with it. Meditate on your message from Source.

After breakfast, experience deep healing as you get in touch with your essence, or the soul of who you are. You’ll make a tangible action plan to live authentically—enabling you to focus, improve your mood, strengthen your energy and improve your relationships.

By the closing session, you will have experienced oneness with all living things. Learn how to move forward when you return to your daily routine and responsibilities. Plan how to integrate appreciation and gratitude into your daily life. Say goodbye to the new friends who have accompanied you on this spiritual journey. Return home inspired to continue your practice.

Love & healing oneself comes if only we look inside.
With that courage of not avoiding ourselves, our mind becomes relaxed
and calm beyond inner noise and challenges. But we lose sight of our innate strength
by the constant bombardment of thoughts and going back and forth
between worrying about the future and regretting the past. Begin Again,
helps us to discover that we have the ability to love and heal ourselves –
not as a concept but as a concrete experience.

Begin Again starts at 7:00 pm on the first day, until 11:30 am on the final morning.