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Outdoor Meditation

Mago Vortex Visit and Meditation – 90 minutes, $150 individual, $180 for 2, $75 per person for 3 or more

Every visitor to the Sedona area has heard of the areas of heightened electromagnetic energy, or vortexes, the region is famous for. We encourage all guests to experience the physical, energetic and spiritual shifts that one can experience at a vortex.

Within the 163 acres of Sedona Mago Retreat there are numerous vortexes where the earth’s electric and magnetic fields are felt strongly. Once you arrive at the chosen vortex, you will be guided in a meditation to fully harness the healing and dynamic experience you seek.

Starlight Meditation – 60 minutes, $110 individual, $160 for 2, $65 per person for 3 or more

Most visitors to the Sedona area are awestruck by the number of stars visible in the night skies. To assist our guests in exploring the cosmos and infusing their spirits and souls with the infinite love revealed by the stars, we offer a Starlight Meditation. Dance and meditate surrounded by the enhanced vision of the Universe the Sedona area skies offer.

Sacred Candle Floating Meditation – 60 minutes, $150 individual, $200 for 2 people, $80 per person for 3 or more (includes a small candle and a dream card).

During this meditation you will activate your energy centers and raise your vibration through mindful exercise and walking meditation around the Healing Garden by a Tao Master. You will be guided to connect to your divine essence and your heart’s desire will reveal itself. With your deepest wish in mind and heart, a candle will be lit and released into the Healing Garden Lake. The light of the floating candle empowers the soul’s voice allowing you to let go of old consciousness and attachments and manifest the dream of the new you. A dream card with your personal wish will be held and prayed for at Sedona Mago Retreat for 21 days.

Call us today to reserve your spot by calling the Welcome Center: 928.204.3391