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Personalized Chakra Reading: $45 for 30 minute session

Guests who are seeking answers to questions or understanding around their current situation often find a chakra reading most helpful. Since the chakras are the energy centers of the physical and spiritual bodies, the heightened electromagnetic energy around Sedona often highlights the imbalances we all experience, making this an excellent opportunity to evaluate our current state via a chakra reading.

Private Crystal Reading: $45 for 30 minute session

Many people report greater clarity and healing after identifying the crystals that resonate with their energy system. There are literally thousands of crystals, the organic earth minerals humans resonate with, so finding the one(s) most beneficial for you can be a challenging process – unless you allow one of our gifted practitioners to read your energy and identify the crystal(s) that resonate with you. Once you find the crystal(s) that best heal and harmonize your energy, you may experience a rapid healing or find long wished for answers.

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