Retreat Enhancements

Retreat Enhancements

“Included in every visit”

Awaken with a Guided Meditation, Mon – Sat at 6:20 – 7:00 am

Start each day of your retreat with this stress reducing, creativity enhancing group experience – no reservation required.

The Belly Button Healing Experience

Every guest should take advantage of the unique opportunity to discover this simple internal workout!  Stimulate your organs with this ancient healing art for improved feelings of inner vitality, mental focus and heightened connections with your community and nature.

Learn to use your “reset (belly) button”, with nerve connections to your entire body and mind, and where up to 60% of your body’s blood supply resides. Revitalize your internal organs and remove toxins to enhance your health.

Tao Yoga, also called Qigong

Tao Yoga also called Qigong or “life-force cultivation”

A simple but effective 60 minute class that helps you to connect with and circulate your Qi (Ki, qi: pronounced CHē) awareness and energy. As you learn to move and breathe, allowing your Qi to flow freely, you’ll experience a heightened awareness of the physical, emotional and spiritual healing that the life-force energy within each of us brings. Offered once a day, Monday through Friday.

Outdoor Meditation

We provide a variety of meditation classes, including Vortexes, Starlight Meditation & Floating Yoga Meditation, Sacred Candle Floating Meditation.

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Advanced Healing

Join us for a Chakra Healing & Balancing, or an Individual Guided Self-Healing, Spiritual Healing, Bowing Meditation, or Everyday Enlightenment class.

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Plan something out of the ordinary with a Personalized Chakra, Private Crystal, exclusive Angel Card or Tarot Reading.

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Sound Healing

We offer an exciting lineup of Sound Healing classes including, Crystal and Tuning Fork, Sound Healing Journey, Shamanic Sound Healing with Drumming and Didgeridoo, Planetary Chimes and Gong Healing, Gong Bath and Sacred Mantra, Chanting and Singing.

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Retreat Enhancement Calendar

Retreat Enhancements
Susan Kim, our Guest Services Coordinator, will guide you in choosing Retreats and Retreat Enhancements, both before and during your stay with us.
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Retreat Enhancements
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I went to Sedona Mago with the hope of quiet introspective which is just what I found. My time with you could not have been better...well, if I had not hurt my knee then knee and shin but with rest all will be well!

The accommodations, staff, food, facilities, too, were perfect. Kristen gave an excellent angel reading giving answers I was seeking. I thank her for that. Anthony led a spirit filled Star walk followed by the Star energy cleansing with very high energy received from the red rocks, drumming and beautiful night ski filled with stars and planets. ~Lila, Austin, TX