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Retreat Enhancements

The Belly Button Healing Experience

Every guest should take advantage of the unique opportunity to discover this simple internal workout!  Stimulate your organs with this ancient healing art for improved feelings of inner vitality, mental focus and heightened connections with your community and nature.

Learn to use your “reset (belly) button”, with nerve connections to your entire body and mind, and where up to 60% of your body’s blood supply resides. Revitalize your internal organs and remove toxins to enhance your health.

Tao Yoga, also called Qigong

Tao Yoga also called Qigong or “life-force cultivation”

A simple but effective 60 minute class that helps you to connect with and circulate your Qi (Ki, qi: pronounced CHē) awareness and energy. As you learn to move and breathe, allowing your Qi to flow freely, you’ll experience a heightened awareness of the physical, emotional and spiritual healing that the life-force energy within each of us brings. Offered once a day, Monday through Friday.

Daily Tao Class

This class is offered in the Sedona Room from 9:30 am-10:30 am daily. Deep stretching and foundational movement techniques support holistic health grounded in proper internal organ functioning and energetic accumulation. Principles for a meaningful life are cultivated through consistent physical practice and strong meditative intention.

Retreat Enhancements

Ian Martin, will guide you in choosing Retreats and Retreat Enhancements, both before and during your stay with us.

Contact Ian for assistance in choosing your retreat enhancements

Nightly Tao Devotional

Evening sessions are held upon request in order to provide time and space for collective reflection and the healing power of the spoken word. Each night, an excerpt will be selected and read aloud to initiate reflection devoted to the sacred search for one’s true purpose in life and the call toward Sedona which begins, or furthers, an intimate journey back to the heart of all those who seek.

Complimentary 20 minute Healing Experience

Focusing specifically upon proper intestinal functioning as a foundation for overall health and the need for deep release of stagnant energy within the internal organs — you will gain new insight and information on the tools necessary to relieve accumulated pain/weight throughout the body in just 20 minutes.

Outdoor Meditation

We provide a variety of meditation classes, including Vortexes, Starlight Meditation & Sacred Candle Floating Meditation.

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Advanced Healing

Join us for a Chakra Healing & Balancing, or an Individual Guided Self-Healing, Spiritual Healing, Bowing Meditation, or Everyday Enlightenment class.

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Plan something out of the ordinary with a Personalized Chakra or Private Crystal Reading.

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