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sound healing

Sound Healing

Sound healing is a cross-cultural form of healing that predates recorded history.  The ancients believed that music and vibration could be used as a tool to treat various disease and ailments in the physical, emotional and spiritual body.  Sound Healing sessions are fully customizable according to your needs.

Crystal and Tuning Fork Healing, $120 per 60 minute session (individual only)

Tuning forks and crystals/gem stones are powerful tools that assist in opening the meridian channels of the body.  This session will help to balance the human body’s electromagnetic field, which results in increased physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Sound Healing for individuals, couples or groups

$120 individual, $160 for 2, $200 for 3-4 ppl and $35/per person for 5 ppl or more, all sessions are 60 min

Sound Healing Journey

Relax and float on a wave of sound as you are guided on a musical journey of self-discovery. Experience the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of vibrational therapy. We facilitate your own personal healing journey using a variety of instruments such as flutes, chimes, gongs, and drums. Group sound healing classes are available on select days of the month, $20 per person. Inquire at Welcome Center for schedule.

Shamanic Sound Healing with Drumming and Didgeridoo

Experience a rhythmic sound healing with drums and didgeridoo. This session lowers brain waves and provides access to altered states of consciousness through which we can awaken to Tao more clearly in all things.

Planetary Chimes and Gong Healing

This session uses chimes that are tuned to the frequencies of planets and other celestial bodies within our solar system. This session is particularly interesting for developing an astrological sensitivity to the way that the frequencies of celestial bodies affect human consciousness.

Gong Bath

Immersing yourself in a gong bath will help you reach levels of relaxation, break long-standing blockages and leave you refreshed on a deep, cellular level. After an hour of gong therapy, many people report feeling a sense of harmony and balance they’ve been seeking for years.

Sacred Mantra, Chanting, and Singing

Participate fully in your healing experience by using your voice along with the restorative vibrations of stringed instruments. You’ll sing and chant your way deep into a sacred space of oneness, harmony and health. Experience ancient words of power and watch as they transform and clarify your consciousness.

Call us today to reserve your spot by calling the Welcome Center: 928.204.3391

sound healing
sound healing