Tao Wellness Guide

Tao Wellness Guide Certification Course

Learn to live as your true and authentic self through increased awareness, while growing, connecting, and healing yourself and others through the Tao lifestyle practice. Discover your true value as a Tao Wellness Guide and gain tools to help yourself and others create a healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual lifestyle.

The prerequisite to Tao Wellness Guide is: Finding True Self 

Step 1 – Education

Duration: 4 days

Location: Sedona Mago Retreat

Step 1 consists of 4 days of guided education and practice. You will learn basic Tao principles such as:

  • Principles of Energy
  • Human Growth and Completion
  • Cosmic Energy and Cosmic Mind
  • Mindset and Attitude of a Tao Wellness Guide
  • Creating Life with Intention

You will also put Tao principles into practice through the following: Ki-Energy Sensitivity and Awakening, Ki-Energy Accumulation with grounding practice, Mindful Breathing, Nature Meditation, Self Healing and Self Management, Tao Wellness Regular Class Flow, Ki-Energy Healing, and Living with a the bright consciousness of Earth Management for the mutual benefit of all life.

Step 2 – Training

Duration: 20 hours

Location: Online, Sedona Meditation Center, Tao Healing Center or ECO Learning Center

Step 2 is about learning how to deliver a 1-hour Tao principle based wellness class (Tao Yoga) with meridian opening exercises, breathing, and meditation. We will explore different types of healing tools and how to guide people to practice mindfulness and create a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.

Step 3 – Certification Ceremony

Location: TBA (online or offline)

Upon successfully completing Steps 1 and 2, you will be invited to attend a Certification Ceremony either online or offline TBA.

Tao Wellness Guides Can

  • Lead Tao Circles and 1-hour Tao Wellness (Tao Yoga) classes anywhere
  • Assist as a volunteer at Sedona Mago Retreat, Sedona Meditation Center, Tao Healing Center, and the Earth Citizens Organization (ECO)
  • Refresh your memory and fine-tune your skills anytime and come back for a Tao Wellness Guide re-education at Sedona Mago Retreat with no educational fee (only pay accommodations).

Tao Wellness Community

Tao Wellness Guides have an online network and support system with fellow Tao Wellness Guides who are working to actualize healthy and mindful living lifestyles for themselves and others. You can choose to be listed as a Tao Wellness Guide so that many people can find you in your local area or beyond.